If your business has a UK presence and puts batteries onto the UK market for the first time then you are a producer. This includes batteries in appliances and vehicles. Your specific obligations will vary depending on the type and amount of batteries you produce.

If you are a producer of portable batteries you will need to register, either with the appropriate environment agency or, if you are a large producer, with a producer compliance scheme who will act on your behalf. You must do this within 28 days of placing portable batteries on the UK market or within 28 days of forming the intention to do so and by 31st October for the following compliance year.

If you place more than one tonne of portable batteries on the UK market each year you are a large producer. You must join a battery producer compliance scheme who will arrange for collection, treatment and recycling of waste batteries on your behalf.

Clarity will take on the responsibility for your compliance with the UK Waste Batteries Regulations by making all necessary arrangements.

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